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& Opportunity Guide for Minneapolis Youth - City of ‎ Jobs for ages 16+: swimming instructor, childcare teacher's aide, and lifeguard. Visit www. Ymcatwincities.org/jobs. Teen Teamworks: Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board. Summer Hennepin County Library. Jobs for teachers if they know of job openings or if they have. Must be 16 years+ years old and low income.

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Iowa Teens - Iowa Workforce Development ‎ career. If you have positions available for teens, please contact your nearest Iowa. Workforce available from the county of birth or state health department lawn mower, or a weed eater as part of the job, must be 16 years old. ) (continued on 

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Hunting Tips for Teens - Brooklyn Public Library ‎ Job Search Tips for High School and. College working papers to students until the last day of the school year. • When school is not Preparing an Effective Resume for College and Career by Kathryn K. Troutman Know something about the company ahead of time. Or be 16 years old with parental approval. Visit the 

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County Youth & Family Resource Guide ‎ The Douglas County Youth Initiative and its sponsoring entities do not endorse any year old at-risk kids who have difficulty fitting in to public school.

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County Resource Guide - Greeley Schools ‎ Career/Employment Weld County Dept. Of Human Services, Division of Employment Services of Weld County __ 67 Job coaching/work adjustment training. . Youth ages 16 to 24 years old who meet specific eligibility criteria. Ready or Not-teenage pregnancy prevention program. . 110 S. Centennial Drive, Suite A.

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