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Driving brochure - Allstate Foundation Teens should drive vehicles that reduce their chances of crashing in the first Give beginners time to work 16-17-year-old drivers have higher death risk.

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Volunteer application - Longmont Museum and Cultural Center May 2, 2014 Many teen volunteer during the summer, but some also volunteer throughout the year, as needed. I have read the job description and understand the extent of my I am 18 years old or older and have every right to sign this release on my behalf and/or on behalf of June 16-20, 8:15 am 2:15 pm.

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Transformation Emma, a 16 year old participant in the Emma, a 16 year old participant in the GENESISTER Program, has a smile that can light as a teen and Emma has witnessed, first hand, the struggles of early parenting. They want more for me than to work at McDonald's the rest of my life.

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