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YSOD 2014-15 Under12.pdf

For Youth 12 and Under - Volunteer Fairfax ‎ Long Term Commitment: Dependent on job. 12. 2014-2015 Youth Service Volunteer Opportunities: Twice a year - Fairfax Kidsfest 10/5-10/6 and. Volunteer Opportunities: Teen volunteers work throughout the 23-branch library system. . Baseball and/or Basketball Buddy - must be at least 16 years old ( partners.

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Jobs for All - CLASP ‎ Mar 31, 2016 overrepresented in industries with low wages and in part-time jobs. 7 12 compared with 39 percent of full-time workers overall. 13. Normal weekly work hours of mothers of one- to three-year-olds by 10 to 17 percent,.

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A national non-profit organization which seeks to improve the economic security of low-income families with children.